The Auroville Gap-year Programme follows a pedagogy deeply rooted in exploring and discovering one's true potential and manifesting it in life. It provides the learners with knowledge and skills to develop themselves further in any field of work that they may get drawn into and integrate with the community as an adult.

The learning process will be:


  1. Self-referential - finding the inner guide

  2. Self-directed - choices based on inner guidance

  3. Experiential - learning by doing

  4. Immersive - full-time

  5. Integral - touching all parts, wholesome

The pedagogy simultaneously enables the learner to be:


  • In harmony with one’s inner nature

  • In harmony with one’s outer work

  • In harmony with the larger whole of which the individual is a part.


Experienced mentors will be supporting the entire learning journey through a detailed and personalized guidance.



Essential Learning Outcome


1. Self-awareness

The ability to distinguish the various parts of the being and the presence of an inner guide revealing one's potential and purpose. This opens the doors to intuition and inspiration setting in motion self-directed work in harmony with one’s own nature.


2. Self-mastery

Growing mastery over the movements of various parts of the being.


3. Design Thinking

The ability to find creative ways of solving problems in a systematic manner so that it can be applied to daily challenges.


4. Communication

The ability to articulate and express oneself precisely and efficiently so that one can inspire, invite and engage within the world.


5. Collaboration

The ability to work together as a team using deep listening, empathy and understanding diversity.


6. Leadership

The ability to take responsibility and initiative with perseverance.


7. Global citizenship

The ability to hold global perspective while solving local problems, assimilate the best from all cultures.


8. Sustainable living

Understand and redesign everyday life choices to be in harmony with earth and nature.