For youth

of Auroville

& Bioregion

Age 17 - 30

Finished Schooling?

What next?




Disha programme is designed to provide you the following:


  1. A good understanding of who one is in terms of values, core areas of interests, core psychological strengths and weaknesses. This will give a clear sense of what one needs to work on oneself and direction in life for further learning.

  2. A good understanding of the context, that is Auroville and its bioregion in terms of Auroville’s vision, values and culture, organisational model, economic model, sustainable practices, relationship with its bioregion and its culture, challenges and opportunities. This will give clarity in terms of how to integrate one’s future learning or life in Auroville and its bioregion.

12 Skills

Development of 12 fundamental skills necessary for a lifelong learner of 21st century. These skills are divided into three groups:

  1. 3 Being Skills
    (Self-awareness, Self-confidence and Self-drive)

  2. 4 Knowing Skills
    (Concentration, Observation, Analysis and Synthesis)

  3. 5 Doing Skills
    (Initiative, Design Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Perseverance)


These fundamental skills will enable you to design your own future learning journeys both in the field of self-knowledge and world-knowledge.

You will prepare a portfolio based on the project works you will be doing during the programme. This portfolio can act as the proof of your knowledge and skills to pursue your further learning.

Individual mentoring

You will be allocated an individual mentor throughout the programme & in particular during the apprenticeship period.

Timeline - 7 Months

Discover who you are

16 Sep to 28 Sep 2019

2 weeks

Discover Auroville

30 Sep  to 25 Oct 2019

4 weeks

Work on real life project

4 Nov - 21 Dec 2019

7 weeks


in a unit

6 Jan - 28 Mar 2020

12 weeks

  1. Ongoing Skill Saturdays - 8  first 8 weeks

  2. 26th October community presentation

  3. 25 Dec - 5th Jan Winter break

  4. 31 May 2020, Community presentation

5 Day week

Saturdays half-day

About Us

Disha programme has been developed by

Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI),

the Department of Further Learning

Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER),